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Totally, Hopelessly Obsessed With Nail Stickers

What took me so long?

My eternal nail polish dilemma – I have somewhere to be in 20 minutes and I remembered everything BUT the manicure. And having to do a rush job on your nails while managing to keep them in pristine condition for me is MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE. It’s always something. The need to get my keys from my purse or remove my credit card from my wallet before the mani is truly dry keeps me from greatness.

Until my last flight. I was headed to Las Vegas for the AHBAI conference and I had NO time to do my nails. I removed my previous manicure and decided to pack nail polish to use when I got to Vegas. And then I remembered the packs of nail stickers I’d stashed away. I decided to go brave and take them with me.

See, in the past I’d been dismayed by the quality of adhesive nail products. My few go-rounds with at-home nail gels or stickers haven’t gone well. I felt disillusioned and I stashed my collection in a box for future use. What better time than on a flight from Chicago to Vegas, to give them a try?

I set up shop on my tray table and got to work. Applying these nail stickers took a steady hand and a careful touch. I centered them and after sticking the middle of the sticker to the middle of my nail, carefully pressed them on from the bottom, working my way up to the tip of the nail. The lady next to me in the middle seat was FASCINATED. The whole process turned into a demonstration and a conversation.


Nails on a plane! (PS: These were from L’Oreal’s Project Runway collection and they’re long gone from stores but I found some on Amazon and Ebay, so look around if you love them).

Ever since that experience, I’m officially obsessed and my mission is to find the coolest nail stickers out there! I also realize I got things twisted in my mind before – I didn’t fully appreciate the difference between nail stickers and polish strips. This super helpful post by my friend Sarah of StyleIt broke it all the way down! Now I feel prepared to begin the hunt with fresh eyes. Let me share with you the nail stickers that are (finally) on my radar!

NCLA does super bright, flashy, on trend nail wraps – check out their Melody Ehsani collection, for example! Over the top statement nails in sticker form! I think I need those Wax Print wraps next!

L’Oreal does beautiful Nail Lingerie, such a brilliant concept. These are transparent, decorative overlays that can add flair to your manicure without having to hit up a nail art expert who’ll charge you extra per nail.

Essie Sleek Sticks are pre-cured UV appliques that come embellished with chrome and cabochon details.

Sephora by OPI Trend Tips are glittery and fun and great for adding an accent nail to an otherwise mundane manicure.

AND even though these are nail polish strips and NOT nail stickers, I’ll include Sally Hansen Salon Effects here. They come in so many cool finishes and patterns! Check out All Lacquered Up for a super detailed review.

Also PS: Kiss makes nail art stickers but they’re more like rhinestones and embellishments you add yourself to your already nailpolished nails. Behold.

Clearly I’m still into the nail art thing, even though the mainstream media keeps trying to say the trend is over (see Racked, HuffPo and Glamour). I still love a bright, fun nail look – but I must admit, I’ve been toning it down from days past.

What say you, bellas? Are you into embellished nail stickers? Or are you more of a traditionalist into a more toned down nail look?

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